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International Research Group

Mittwoch, 14.06.2023

Violence – Vulnerability – Care. Gender Politics during the “Greater War” (1912–1923)

The International Research Group Gender Politics during the "Greater War" (1912-1923) brings together renowned gender researchers from Europe and the USA who for many years have been intensively studying gender relations during the First World War - understood as the "Greater War" (1912-1923) - from a gender and queer historical as well as interdisciplinary perspective. A particular focus is on the nexus of violence, vulnerability, and care in the broadest sense.

The examination of local and global dimensions of humanitarian and wartime care policies during the “Greater War” is the basis for our approach. Questions about gender discourses that solidify, (re)establish, and challenge gender conventions, as well as gendered discourses in the context of violence, pain, trauma, and vulnerability, and how these were operative in the field of humanitarian and wartime care practices during and after the war exemplify our research foci. Among others, (non-)combatant war participants and veterans, feminist and socialist anti-war activists, transnational and international organizations or conservative-nationalist groups are considered.

Within the framework of the research group, we organize regular face-to-face and online meetings to

  • identify new questions and perspectives within the field of a gender history during the “Greater War”,
  • reflect on continuities and transformations theories and methods in the current field of research,
  • discuss current issues and relate them to each other,
  • present the results of our discussions at joint events, workshops, and conferences within the scientific community and to an interested public,
  • initiate meetings to implement current issues into our daily research routine and
  • plan joint publications and research proposals.



Judit Acsády (Centre for Social Sciences, Budapest)

Hilary Buxton (Kenyon University, Ohio/USA)

Louise Earnshaw (University of Leeds)

Alison S. Fell (University of Liverpool)

Holly Furneaux (Cardiff University)

Susan R. Grayzel (Utah State University, Utah/USA)

Christa Hämmerle (Universität Wien)

Jessica Meyer (University of Leeds)

Ingrid Sharp (University of Leeds)

Viktoria Wind (Universität Graz)

Heidrun Zettelbauer (Universität Graz)

Koordination: Heidrun Zettelbauer unter Mitarbeit von Viktoria Wind (Universität Graz) und Ingrid Sharp (University of Leeds)

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