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Research Profile Cultural and Gender History

In the subject area Cultural and Gender History, history is researched as “historical cultural science”. The focus is on dealing with the cultural dimensions of the social and societal contexts in the past as well as their reflections on the present in terms of historical development. The fields of tension between normative socio-cultural patterns, collective or individual actions, and their specific perceptions come into focus.

Within the field of cultural theory, gender studies represent an important, innovative field of research. A central focus of the subject area is gender research in its historical dimension, as prototypical historical-cultural scientific research. Gender relations are of interest for different historical societies as well as for research on gendered power relations and hierarchies in different epochs and localities – especially from a historical longitudinal perspective as well as in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary contexts. Furthermore, forms of gender oppression as well as (historical) mindsets behind gendering or social processes of inclusion and exclusion based on gender are examined, also in interaction with other social categories of difference (intersectionality).

The subject areas’ cultural-theoretical and cultural-historical research and teaching is positioned in the context of a postmodern understanding of the discipline that recognises the plurality of forms of knowledge and life as well as the diversity of cultural orientations. At the core of all research analyses is each person’s own historicity of research practice as well as individual cultural and culturally conditioned actions. The subject areas’ research projects always seek to include an analysis of the institutional framework conditions in which (historical) knowledge is generated.

Subject Areas / Main Areas of Research

The subject area is currently conducting research on the following topics:

  • Cultural theories, history as “historical cultural studies”
  • Women's, gender and queer history
  • Body history, sexualities
  • Gender-sensitive research on nationalism
  • Research on auto-/biographies and personal testimonial
  • War, gender, violence
  • Environmental history, ecological movement
  • History of tourism, alpinism
  • ​Mobilities and migrations

The research is conducted within the context of specific (contractual research) projects, events (see also the research portal of the academic staff) and publications. In addition, the section’s research core areas are reflected in the range of courses offered.





Head of subject area

Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr.phil.

Heidrun Zettelbauer

Institut für Geschichte
Heinrichstraße 26/II
8010 Graz

Phone:+43 316 380 - 2382



Sarah Christina Perner

Phone:+43 316 380 - 2368

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