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Current research projects

Monachus vagans eruditusque


Historical auxiliary sciences


The scholar monk Father Laurenz Doberschitz (1734-1799)

Dissertation Maximilian Koren: The biography of the priest Laurentius Doberschitz OSB from Kremsmünster 1734-1799. Edition - Comment - Valuation

Project management: Ao. Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr. Marlies Raffler
Ao. Univ. Prof. Dr. Günther Bernhard MAS
Staff: Mag. Doris Fandl, Marion Jansky BA MA,
Mag. Maximilian Koren

Die spätmittelalterlichen und frühneuzeitlichen Graffiti von Schloss Bruck in Lienz / Late medieval and early modern graffiti of Bruck Castle in Lienz


Project in cooperation with the Schloss Bruck Museum of Lienz


Duration: 2017-2018
Staff: Anna Petutschnig BA, Elisabeth Tangerner BA

Short description:

The chapel at Bruck castle in East Tyrol is decorated with numerous graffiti from the Middle Ages and early modern period. As part of this project, they are systematically recorded, edited and processed for presentation as part of the permanent exhibition at Schloss Bruck museum.

Venezia e il suo hinterland come centro medievale di scambio con l'Asia: Il caso del resoconto di viaggio di Odorico da Pordenone


Project in cooperation with the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy

Duration: 2015-2017
Staff: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Romedio Schmitz-Esser (visiting researcher from the Ca' Foscari University of Venice)

Short description:

The report of Odoric of Pordenone's journey to India and China (14th century) is placed in the context of those strategies that supported the Franciscan Asia mission in Europe both in terms of finances and ideals. The sarcophagus and corpse, the report and hagiographic works of Odorich still propagate his veneration and the idea of a Catholic world mission. 


Revision of the "Urkundenbuch der Steiermark" (collection of documents of the state of Styria), volume 2

Duration: since July 2013
Project management: O. Univ.-Prof. i.R. Dr. Reinhard Härtel
Staff: Dr. Sabine Kaspar
Sponsor: Historische Landeskommission für Steiermark

Short description:

This project aims to collect documents on the history of Styria under Babenberger rule (May 1192 ‒ June 1246; acc. to Josef von Zahn's Urkundenbuch der Steiermark vol. 2) for a new edition of the Urkundenbuch. In contrast to Zahn’s edition and in addition to those documents that directly relate to Styria, the new Urkundenbuch will include legal acts that do not concern Styria directly but in which Styrians were significantly involved, including documents concerning “only” Styrian place of action and issue, as well as documents of general content for which a Styrian tradition and thus Styrian relevance could be determined. In addition, it includes those documents which only concern the Pitten area, which formerly belonged to Styria. In comparing the original documents with other editions and unifying it with archival sources that have not been considered so far, around 470 additions have already been made to Zahn’s 400 entries.


Ass.-Prof. Mag. Dr.phil.

Johannes Gießauf

Institute of History

Heinrichstraße 26/III
8010 Graz

Phone:+43 316 380 - 2381

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