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Dissertation Theses at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities can also be drafted in the area of Southeast European History and Anthropology. Analogous applies for Master and Diploma Theses (Example) , which constitute a prerequisite for the completion of a Master Study.

Some examples of supervised and completed dissertations:

Krasniqi, Elife: Family and Patriarchy in Kosovo: Changes and Continuities (from the Mid 20th to the Early 21st Century), 2018.

Gutmeyr, Dominik: “Borderlands Orientalism or How the Savage lost his Nobility. The Russian Perception of the Caucasus between 1817 and 1878“ , 2016.

Latifi, Tahir: Family, kinship relations and social security in Kosovo since the war of 1999: the case of Isniq, 2015.

Pfaffenthaler, Manfred: Die “Gastarbeiterroute“. Wahrnehmung eines europäischen Migrationsweges, 2014.

Jesner, Sabine: "Habsburgische Grenzraumpolitik in der Siebenbürgischen Militärgrenze (1760–1830). Verteidigungs- und Präventionsstrategien" 2013.

Pandelejmoni, Enriketa: Shkodra, Household, Family and Urban Life (1918-1939), 2013.

Kera, Gentiana: Tirana. Demography, Family and Urban Life (1918-1939), 2013.

Duraković, Indira: Gesundheitspolitik und Epidemien in Serbien (1890-1918), 2013.

Sander, Stephan Karl: Urban Elites in the Venetian Commonwealth. Social and economic mobility in early modern Dalmatia (Zadar/Zara, 1540 to 1570), 2011.

Schanes, Daniela: Serbien und Montenegro im ersten Weltkrieg – ein Vergleich zwischen serbischen, montenegrinischen und österreichisch-ungarischen Feldherrenselbstzeugnissen, 2011.

Barbarics, Zsuzsa: Ink and Politics in Early Modern Times, 2006.

Taylor, Karin: Lennon, not Lenin: Youth Between Socialist Discourse and Realities in Bulgaria of the 1960s and 70s, 2004.

Gruber, Siegfried: Life Courses and Household Forms in the Balkans: Jasenica in Serbia in the 19th Century, 2004.

Pichler, Robert: The Politics of the International Community in the Kosovo/a Question (1992-1999), 2002.

Hochstrasser, Rosemarie: Transylvanian-Saxon Society in its structural Change 1791-1822, 2000.

Fischl, Martina: Family in South Burgenland. Kukmirn and Neuberg from 1885 until 1995, 2000.

Baldauf, Margot: “The Gypsies funny Life…?“ Analysis of a stereotyped “Gypsy Image“ in Austrian Sciences from the 18th to the 20th Century, 2000.

Tischler, Ulrike: Promotion or Incorporation? Analysis of Habsburg’s Politics vis-à-vis the Serbs and Montenegrins 1791-1822, 1999.

Brunnbauer, Ulf: Mountains and Households. Family Structures among Muslims and Christians in the Rhodope Mountains, ca. 1830-1930, 1998.

Promitzer, Christian: Lost Brothers. History of the bilingual Region of Leutschach, 1996.

Neuwirth, Hubert: Resistance and Collaboration in Albania in the Period of the Fascism (1939-1944), 1996.

Grandits, Hannes: Family in Croatia: Analysis of the Changes in Everyday Life in Turopolje and at the Save River (18th -20th Cent.), 1996.

Gostentschnig, Kurt: Between Science and Politics. Austro-Hungarian Albanology (1867-1918), 1996.

Windisch, Brigitta: Reality or Utopia? Refugees from Southeastern Europe in Styria (1945-1900), 1992.  


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