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Sabine Jesner

Sabine Jesner is a research fellow (PostDoc) for Southeast European History and Anthropology.

Curriculum Vitae – Mag. Dr. Sabine Jesner

Sabine Jesner is an early modern historian. She studied history and law at the University of Graz. In 2013 she received her doctorate in the field of the history of Southeast Europe. Her doctoral thesis examined the Habsburg border policy in the Transylvanian Military Border, where she focused on defence and plague prevention strategies. Starting in 2015 she was a research project collaborator in a FWF (Austrian Science Fund) Stand-Alone Project and investigated the Habsburg personnel management in the Banat during the first half of the 18th century. Her research led her many times to Romania. She is board member of the Society for 18th Century Studies on South Eastern Europe (SOG 18), which is based at the Department for Southeast European History and Anthropology.

Areas of Research and Training:

Sabine Jesner's research interests encompass the practice-oriented examination of Habsburg administrations in Southeast Europe. Her temporal focus is on the long eighteenth century. She examines the functioning of military and civil societies, including their organizational structure, under consideration of a medicine-historical and historical-anthropological approach.

Current Research:

“Habsburg Battlefield Medicine in 18th Century Southeast Europe” (Hertha-Firnberg Fellowship)

The project explores Habsburg battlefield medicine during the 18th century on the basis of the Ottoman Wars. It is investigated how the Habsburg Monarchy tried to organize medical care for soldiers. The study offers an insight into the battlefield as a multi-dimensional system of intertwining processes and examines the role of healthcare professionals and military personnel as well as the functioning of disease management. The project positions itself in the interdisciplinary field of Men's Studies as well as the New Military History and the History of Medicine.

(Recent) Publications:

Sabine Jesner / Christian Promitzer, Social History of Medicine in Southeastern Europe. Historiography and Emerging Issues from the Early Modern Period to the Balkan Wars, in: Siegfried Gruber, Dominik Gutmeyr, Sabine Jesner, Elife Krasniqi, Robert Pichler, Christian Promitzer (Eds.): From the Highlands to Hollywood. Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Southeastern Europe. Festschrift for Karl Kaser and SEEHA, Wien 2020: Lit Verlag, 353–371.

Sabine Jesner, Herrschaftswechsel im habsburgischen Banat 1718-1753. Personalmanagement und imperiale Logik, in:  Sabine Jesner, Heppner Heppner (Eds.): Die Personalfrage in neuen Provinzen. Das Banat im regionalen Vergleich, Stuttgart 2020: Franz Steiner Verlag, 23–109.

Sabine Jesner, Amtskommunikation und Personalwesen im habsburgischen Banat (1716−1740), in: Seitschek, Stefan; Hertel, Sandra (Eds.): Herrschaft und Repräsentation in der Habsburgermonarchie (1700–1740): Die kaiserliche Familie, die habsburgischen Länder und das Reich, Berlin/Boston 2020: Walter de Gruyter, 251–268, doi:10.1515/9783110670561-012.


Research Profile


Mag. Dr.

Sabine Jesner

Mozartgasse 3/I, 8010 Graz
Phone:+43 316 380 - 8108

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