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Orders can be placed via email:


and in person:

Monday: 9.00-13.00 and Friday: 9.00-11.00.

These are also the opening hours of the reading room!

Alternatively, you can use the reading room of the library of the Institute for History at Heinrichstrasse 26/4th floor (opening hours according to the homepage).


The library is a reference library

Books may only be lent to university institutes. However, the library is connected to the international inter-library loan system via the university library, but all titles are listed in the library software unikat. We view the expansion of our specialist library as a priority, as we have a duty to the public as well as to specialists. Through exchange, donations, purchase and the acquisition of private collections we now have around 50,000 books and specialist journal volumes available.


Thanks to testamentary donations (the libraries of Balduin Saria, Ludwig von Gogolák, Robert Schwanke, Joel M. Halpern and Erich Beck), our library has inherited several collections on late antiquity and the Middle Ages in the Balkan and Danube region (approx. 25 percent). The remaining 75 percent concentrates on Southeast Europe in general and on individual states, predominantly during the 19th and 20th centuries (together some 70 percent), and on peripheral countries (the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Russia ‒ together some five percent). In addition, the library is in the process of extending its section on historical anthropology (especially of Southeast Europe, the Mediterranean, the Near East and the Caucasus). The library also includes an unsystematic collection of maps of various scales – mainly of the Danube and Balkan regions from the late 19th century to World War Two (approx. 120 maps) –, an atlas of the Danube countries (a complete edition) and an atlas of Eastern and Southeastern Europe (current edition).

The Halpern Collection

This collection, donated by U.S. cultural anthropologist Joel M. Halpern (retired professor of the University of Massachusetts), includes unique material encompassing the area of Yugoslavia in the past two centuries. It comprises sources necessary for the quantitative investigation of family and household structures (census lists, registers, tax registers, status animarum), as well as additional sources (fieldwork notes, interview materials and autobiographies). The collection is completed by a comprehensive selection of monographies and essays relevant to Balkan family history.

The Schwanke Estate

This collection of materials on Albania formerly belonged to Robert Schwanke, a Viennese expert on Albania who died in 1993. It comprises monographies and essays on the geography, history, culture, languages and politics of the country and includes over 1,000 books and specialist journal volumes.

Beck's Bukovina-Collection

In 2007, the Bukovina library was acquired, which had previously been owned by Dr Erich Beck. Dr Beck published bibliographies on the history of the Bukovina in the 1960s.


Mozartgasse 3 8010 Graz
Evamaria Schafzahl & Edith Wirthler Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 2374
Fax:+43 (0)316 380 - 9735

Public office hours: by appointment only (by telephone or E-Mail).

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