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Studying abroad

For those interested in a stay abroad

Studies abroad for historians

Do you want to find out more about studying abroad?

Would you like to get to know Austrian students who have already studied abroad?

Studying abroad is an advantage that will help you to:

  • learn to organise yourself,
  • acquire high-level competence in a foreign language,
  • get to know different teaching principles,
  • become familiar with other approaches to the subject area and its content,
  • network with many students,
  • encounter other cultures,
  • distinguish yourself from other applicants for a job or position,
  • recommend this experience to others.

Basically, your options for studying abroad include:

  • Entire degree (self-financing required)
  • 1-2 semesters (scholarships within the framework of existing exchange programmes)
  • 1-2 semesters (scholarships without exchange programmes / free movers)
  • Special training outside of normal university programmes (winter, summer courses etc.)
  • The Office of International Relations can provide you with information on the currently available study opportunities.

Organisational procedure for scholarship applications:

  • Announcement of available options for the following academic year in the autumn of each calendar year
  • Information event at the institute at the end of November
  • Submission of nomination documents by the end of January (submission date varies)
  • Review of the documents by the coordinators at the institute and nomination of the candidates to the Office of International Relations
  • Candidature in the Office of International Relations
  • Submission of the pre-recognition notices for the coursework planned at the university to the chairperson of the curricular committee


Questions about recognitions Assoz. Prof. DDr. Werner Suppanz

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