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Celebrating the Day of Roses (St. Cyril and St. Methodius National Library, Inv. N.: C IV 583, Photographer: Dimitar Anastasov Karastoyanov)

Our research is characterised by diverse approaches. One of the main approaches is Historical Anthropology of the Balkans. Historical anthropology is understood as the extension of social historical approaches towards history, which deals for instance with fundamental experiences of humanity and their interpretations in history. It has been moving from the fringes to the core of historical sciences. Historical-anthropological research at the department concentrated on family research since its very beginning in the early 1990s. This was the point of departure for approaches that were diversified although related to family, including historical-cultural comparison and transfer, migration, social security, demography, nationalism and the progressive inclusion of visual studies and the Near East. Despite these divergences, family, patriarchal social structures, gender and visual cultures remain core questions.


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Public office hours: by appointment only (by telephone or E-Mail).

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