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Studies on South East Europe

"Studies on South East Europe", edited by Prof. Prof. h.c. Dr. Karl Kaser

The in 2004 founded book series focuses on the interdisciplinary link between cultural anthropology and history as well as related fields. It comprises volumes on historical anthropology, cultural studies, sociology and ethnographic fieldwork in South Eastern Europe. The series is issued by Lit-Publishing House.

  1. M. Jovanović, K. Kaser, S. Naumović (Eds.): Between the Archives and the Field. A Dialogue on Historical Anthropology of the Balkans. 2004, 280 p., ISBN 3-8258-6438-3
  2. S. Naumović, M. Jovanović (Eds.): Childhood in South East Europe. Historical Perspectives on Growing Up in the 19th and 20th Century. 2004, 304 p., ISBN 3-8258-6439-1
  3. M. Jovanović, S. Naumović (Eds.): Gender Relations in South Eastern Europe. Historical Perspectives on Womanhood and Manhood in the 19th and 20th Century. 2004, 416 p., ISBN 3-8258-6440-5
  4. U. Brunnbauer (Ed.): (Re)Writing History. Historiography in Southeast Europe after Socialism. 2004, 384 p., ISBN 3-8258-7365-x
  5. K.-J. Hermanik, C. Promitzer, E. G. Staudinger (Eds.): (Hidden) Minorities. Language and Ethnic Identity between Central Europe and the Balkans. 2009, 300 p., ISBN 3-8258-7527-x
  6. K. Taylor: Let´s twist again. Youth and Leisure in Socialist Bulgaria. 2006,. 248 p., ISBN 3-8258-9505-x
  7. K. Kaser: Patriarchy after Patriarchy. Gender Relations in Turkey and in the Balkans,1500–2000. 2008, 322 p., ISBN 3-7000-0798-2
  8. M. Rohringer: Der jugoslawische Film nach Tito. Konstruktionen kollektiver Identitäten. 2008, 344 p., ISBN 978-3-7000-0828-6-x
  9. A. Hemming, Kera G., Pandelejmoni E. (Eds.): Albania. Family, Society and Culture in the 20th Century. 2012, 221 p., ISBN 978-3-643-50144-8
  10. A. R. Miletić: Journey under Surveillance. The Overseas Emigration Policy of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes in Global Context, 1918-1928. 2012, 186 p., ISBN 978-3-643-90223-8
  11. K. Kaser: The Balkans and the Near East. Introduction to a Shared History. 2011, 405 p., ISBN 978-3-643-50190-5
  12. K. Kaser: Household and Family in the Balkans. Two Decades of Historical Family Research at University of Graz, 2012, 625 p., ISBN 978-3-643-50406-7
  13. S. Rutar: Beyond the Balkans. Toward an Inclusive History of Southeastern Europe. 2014, 499 p., ISBN 978-3-643-10658-2
  14. M. Katić, T. Klarin, M. McDonald: Pilgrimage and Sacred Places in Southeast Europe. History, Religious Tourism and Contemporary Trends. 2014, 232 p., ISBN 978-3-643-90504-8
  15. R. Pichler: Legacy and Change. Albanian transformation from mulitidisciplinary perspectives. 2014, 187 p., ISBN 978-3-643-90566-6
  16. Chr. Promitzer, S. Gruber, H. Heppner (Eds.): Southeast European Studies in a Globalizing World. 2014, 222 p., ISBN 978-3-643-90595-6
  17. M. Ristović: Schwarzer Peter und die Räuber vom Balkan. Themen über den Balkan und Serbien in satirischen Zeitschriften 1903 - 1918. 2015, 162p., ISBN 978-3-643-50648-1
  18. B. J. Groen: Aufstieg, Kampf und Freiheit. Nikos Kazantzakis, seine Asketik: Die Retter Gottes und die griechisch-orthodoxe spirituelle und liturgische Tradition. 2015, 160p., ISBN 978-643-50697-9
  19. D. Gutmeyr: Borderlands Orientalism or How the Savage Lost his Nobility. The Russian Perception of the Caucasus between 1817 and 1878. 2017, 314p., ISBN 978-3-643-50788-4
  20. Pandelejmoni, E.: Shkodra. Family and Urban Life (1918–1939). 2019, 297p., ISBN 978-3-643-91017-2
  21. L. MiroSeviö, G. Zaro, M. Katiö, D. Birt (Eds.): Landscape in Southeastern Europe. 2018, 170 p., ISBN 978-3-643-80283-5
  22. Gutmeyr D. und Kaser K. (Eds.): Europe and the Black Sea Region. A History of Early Knowledge Exchange (1750–1850). 2018, 412 p., ISBN 978-3-643-80286-6
  23. Dziub N.: Son arme était la harpe. Pourvoirs de la femme et du barde chez Nizami et dans Le Livre de Dede Korkut. 2018, 257p., ISBN 978-3-643-91053-0
  24. Cioltan-Drăghiciu A.: "Gut gekämmt ist halb gestutzt." Jugendliche im sozialistischen Rumänien. 2019, 224 p., ISBN 978-3-643-50907-9
  25. ...
  26. Dziub N. und Komur-Thilloy G. (Éd.): Penser le multiculturalisme dans les marges de l'Europe. 2020, 130 p., ISBN 978-3-643-91293-0


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