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Ulrike Tischler-Hofer

Ulrike Tischler-Hofer is historian and affiliated to the Institute since 2002. From 2002 to 2013 she was project collaborator (2002-2005) and twice project leader (2005-2008; 2008-2013). Since then she has regularly gives lectures at the Institute.

Curriculum Vitae – Mag. Dr. Ulrike Tischler-Hofer

Born in 1971, she studied history, classical philology (Latin) and applied cultural sciences at Graz University. She completed her studies in 1995 (diploma) and in 1999 (doctorate). From 1996 to 1997 she did a postgraduate study in Museology at the Reinwardt Academy, Amsterdam. The subject of her doctoral thesis is “The Habsburg politics towards Serbs and Montenegrins 1791-1822. Promotion or demand and claim?”. The thesis was published in the Südosteuropäischen Arbeiten (vol. 108). From 2002 to 2013 she was affiliated to the Institute by several research projects on subjects in Southeastern European History. Elise-Richter project holder (2009-2013) and leadership. Project title: Dispelling heritage: The historical power of in-between spaces. The example of Thrace.

Areas of Research and Teaching:

Teaching comprises the history of Southeastern Europe /Byzantium and Ottoman Empire in the period from late antiquity to 20th century. A special focus lies on the regions of (Greek) Macedonia, Thrace and the European part of the Ottoman Empire as well as on diplomatic- and historico-cultural interrelations between the Habsburg and Ottoman Empires from the 18th to early 20th century. Her main research interest refers to regional-historic phenomena as well as to questions of communication, modernization and urban development in Southeastern Europe; additional research is done on lieux de mémoire and conservation of historical heritage.

Current research:

“Vilayet of Adrianople (Thrace), 1867/69-1913: Province as partial phenomenon of regio-historical image – reflections on and perception of a border- and hinterland as seen by Austro-Hungarian and French sources” (habilitation thesis, in preparation).

(Recent) Publications:

  1. Ulrike Tischler-Hofer /Karl Kaser (eds.), Provincial Turn. Verhältnis zwischen Staat und Provinz im südöstlichen Europa vom letzten Drittel des 17. bis ins 21. Jahrhundert. Frankfurt/Main et al. 2017 (Neue Forschungen zur ostmittel- und südosteuropäischen Geschichte, 8.). (peer reviewed)
  2. Ulrike Tischler-Hofer, Karl XII. von Schweden und Ferenc II. Rákóczi zu Gast im Osmanischen Reich: Spuren wechselvoller Kulturbeziehungen und theoretisch-methodische Überlegungen zum Einfluß provinzieller Milieus auf den Umgang mit Geschichte, Banatica 25 (2015), pp. 211-241. (peer reviewed)
  3. Ulrike Tischler-Hofer, Das andere Edirne: Typische und bleibende Abweichungen, Etudes Balkaniques Jg. LI (2015), H. 4, pp. 151-187. (peer reviewed)

Research Profile

Current Courses

Southeast European History and Anthropology

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