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Studying history opens new perspectives on the present by teaching students to critically examine the testimonies of the past. This includes:

  • Providing historical overviews
  • Teaching the basics of critically assessing historical sources
  • Providing instruction for research-led work
  • Learning methods and formats for imparting and documenting historical and historical-scientific knowledge

The offered range of courses covers the entire history from the Middle Ages to the present day with a geographical focus on Southeast Europe, Central Europe and Latin America, the former Soviet Union and in particular addresses thematic approaches to gender history, history of science, economic and social history as well as historical regional and cultural studies and comparative regional history. Another subject focus is on Digital History and Historical Information Science. Teaching Methodology offers special courses for students enrolled in the teacher training programme to prepare for later everyday work in schools.

The university-wide page studienstart.uni-graz.at offers helpful information on starting your studies.


Curricular committee chairperson Assoz. Prof. DDr. Werner Suppanz

Please make an appointment for a consultation via e-mail. State your concerns and attach scans of the documents to be discussed or processed.

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