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Global Workplaces in Transition: The History of Technology, Gender and Emotions Since the 1960s

Project management: Christiane Berth
Duration: 2022-2024
Sponsor: Elisabeth-List-Fellowship-Programme for Gender Research

The early 21st century saw the beginning of a lively ‒ often quite emotional debate ‒ about the future of work. For decades, digital technology has shaped workplaces around the globe and has repeatedly triggered fears of job losses. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of digital technology reached new heights and with it the tendency to make work more flexible and remove boundaries.

This research project examines the change in global working environments from a historical perspective. It analyses how the relationship between digital technology, gender relations and emotions has changed in various fields of work, including office work, industrial manufacturing and agricultural production. Such a comparative view of developments in Europe, Southeast Asia and Latin America enables statements to be made about different timelines, global inequality in access to technology and the diverse formation of gender roles.

The fellows work on three central questions:

  1. What emotional reactions did the introduction of digital technology evoke? What cultural differences existed?
  2. How did emotional debates affect technology use in the workplace?
  3. How did the introduction of digital technology affect gender relations in the workplace?

The project is funded by the Elisabeth-List-Fellowship-Programme for Gender Research. From February 2022 to early 2024, international senior and junior fellows will work on the project at the University of Graz together with the local fellows from the Section of Contemporary History.



Christiane Berth (Leitung): christiane.berth@uni-graz.at

Helen Glew: H.Glew@westminster.ac.uk –  May/June 2023

Nina Jahrbacher: nina.jahrbacher@uni-graz.at – 1.4.2022-30.6.2023

Martina Heßler: hessler@pg.tu-darmstadt.de – 15.7.-1.8.2022 a. May 2023

Heidi Schweickert: heidi.schweickert@web.de – 1.6.-30.9.2022

Monika Arnez:  monika.arnez@upol.cz - February/March 2024

Section head

Univ.-Prof. Dr.

Christiane Berth

Institut für Geschichte

Section of Contemporary History, Attemsgasse 8/II, 8010 Graz

Phone:+43 316 380 - 2621

Tuesday 2pm - 3pm
Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr.

Barbara Stelzl-Marx

Institut für Geschichte

Liebiggasse 9/I (L. B. Institut für Kriegsfolgenforschung)

Phone:+43 316 380 - 8271

Nach Vereinbarung per E-Mail


Brigitte Knaus

Institut für Geschichte

Section of Contemporary History, Attemsgasse 8/II, 8010 Graz

Phone:+43 316 380 - 2365

Monday 9am - 12pm
Tuesday 9am - 12pm
Friday 9am - 12pm

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