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Teaching in Schools and other Fields of Action

Teaching in the department of history didactics means more than the relaying of rules and methodological knowledge for teaching history, social studies and civics and citizenship education in schools. As a discipline, history and civics and citizenship didactics generates discursive disciplinary knowledge systems and provides theoretical insights and modelings, empirical results and pragmatic suggestions. The objective is a qualitative praxis of facilitating historical-political education in various societal fields of action, chiefly, but not exclusively, for the historical-political teaching and learning within in schools. This domain-specific ‘knowledge’ can serve professionals in diverse fields of action as reflective knowledge to interpret and orient their own development of necessary competences as well as their own praxis of teaching as a facilitation of historical-political education. Disciplinary knowledge, however, only becomes field-relevant professional knowledge through personal reflective ‘translation’. Said ‘translation’ is in turn crucial for competent action in these fields.


The Department’s Teaching Concept

The department’s teaching concept is based upon above mentioned premises. Following from these are also the departments foci: competence orientation, research-oriented learning, discursivity and critical thinking as well as cooperation with non-university related fields of history didactics.





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