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Dimensions of In/Equalities

Donnerstag, 02.11.2023

Workshop 16 – 17 November 2023

The Field of Excellence “Dimensions of Europe” at Graz University cordially invites to

Dimensions of In/Equalities

Workshop of the Cluster

“In/Equalities in Societal Transformation Processes”

WHEN: 16-17 November 2023
WHERE: University of Graz, UR 09.23, Heinrichstraße 26, 2nd floor

The event will be opened on 16 November at 5.00 p.m. with a keynote lecture by

Koen Slootmaeckers
(City, University of London, Department of International Politics)

What is progress? LGBT rights and the imaginary of Europe through Enlargement
LGBT rights have become increasingly salient within the EU enlargement process as a litmus test for Europeanness. But the promotion of these norms has provided a basis for political contestation. This lecture interrogates the normative dimensions of the EU enlargement process, with special reference to LGBT politics. In this talk, Koen Slootmaeckers is engaging in a critical conversation with the way in which LGBT rights are imagined within European politics. Through this analysis, he calls for new politics, a new approach to LGBT equality that moves away from rights based approaches towards a politics that centres the lives of people, that no longer seeks to find progress where it can, but instead focusses on those that are left behind. Through this work, Koen Slootmaeckers calls to action the ethical obligation scholars have in their work to highlight where violence occurs and persists and to provide routes for avenues toward a queer peace. 

Flyer and program of the event


We are very much looking forward to seeing you!

Emma Lantschner (Centre for Southeast European Studies) and Heidrun Zettelbauer (Department of History)
(for the Cluster In/Equalities in Societal Transformation Processes)

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