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Presentation by Katharina Scharf on Petra Kelly in Munich

Dienstag, 01.11.2022

Katharina Scharf will talk about " Environmental Women: Petra Kelly and Her Fellow Activists".

From 13 to 15 October 2022, the conference "Petra Kelly at 75:  Histories, Legacies and Contemporary Meanings of Transnational Ecological Politics" will take place in Munich.

In German-speaking and European environmental history, and especially in the history of environmentalism, the category of gender as well as the participation of women are almost completely excluded or only mentioned as marginal phenomena in a few sentences. Petra Kelly (1947–1992) is, just like Rachel Carson (1907–1964), one of the few exceptions who has achieved international (both positive and negative) fame in her fight for the protection of the environment, and for peace, and is therefore also a central figure in historiography that cannot be left out. However, Petra Kelly was no exception, she was not the only activist, of course. It is essential to examine her in a larger context of activists, especially women activists, in European and international environmentalism.



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